• showmore 井上惇志

    Nord Electro 6Nord GrandNord Piano 5Nord Wave2
  • John P. KeeTodd Dulaney James A. Anderson (USA)

    Nord Piano 5Nord Stage 3
  • Chaka Khan、Stevie Wonder、etc. Javad “Mr Klynik” Day (USA)

    Nord Electro 4Nord LeadNord Stage 3Nord Wave2
  • Jordan Rudess、Noel Schajris、etc. Jesús Molina (Colombia)

    Nord Electro 6Nord GrandNord Stage 3
  • Dirty Loops、Henrik Linder、etc. Joel Lyssarides (Sweden)

    Nord GrandNord Lead A1Nord Wave2
  • H. Doobie Powell, The Legendary Clark Sisters, etc. Kevin Powell (USA)

    Nord C2DNord Electro 6
  • Marcus Abjaud(Brazil) Marcus Abjaud (Brazil)

    Nord Stage 3Nord Wave2
  • Jake Bugg, JP Cooper, The Streets, etc. Mike Patrick (UK)

    Nord Electro 6Nord Stage 3
  • Natalie Tenenbaum (USA)

    Nord Stage 2
  • Najee, Nick Colionne, Paul Brown, etc Nathan Mitchell (USA)

    Nord C2DNord Lead 4Nord Stage4
  • RYTHEM 新津由衣 / YUI

    Nord Electro 2Nord Electro 5
  • Ella Nor, Mega Drive, Puzzle, etc. Nuno Pires (Portugal)

    Nord Electro 3Nord Lead 2XNord Stage 3
  • Tribal Tech, Joe Walsh, John Scofield, etc Scott Kinsey (USA)

    Nord Lead 4Nord Stage 3
  • John P. KeeTeddy Riley Sean Alexander (USA)

    Nord Drum3PNord Electro 2Nord Electro 5Nord Stage4
  • 島田昌典

    Nord GrandNord Piano 5